Advise On Tubes For Vac 30/30

I recently purchased a quad set of western electric tubes to replace the stock golden dragons After installing the westerns got a excessive amount of humming Reinstalled stock tubes and hum was gone Has anybody ever had the same problem and if so how did you correct it Any suggestions on another tube manufactuer Thanks
I have a set of Western Electric 300B tubes in my VAC 30/30 and there is no hum. I have the ground connection lifted on the power cord with a cheater to minimize hum but that was not tube dependent. I would suspect a bad tube. Does it hum in both channels or just one? For what you must have spent on the WE tubes, I would go back to the dealer and get some help.
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It sounds as though your WE tubes are not well matched. If they were, the hum would not be an issue. Try to switch the tubes so that each has a different mate (i.e. switch the outside tubes or the inside tubes) and see if that helps.

I have a VAC 30/30 and really like it. The WE tubes are mellower, less aggressive and have better midrange. In my system and for my tastes, that is just what I want. You may like something else.

Also, try a variety of 6SN7's. They make an important difference and can help you "season to taste."

Finally, do not forget power cords, speaker cable and interconnects. In each case, I have chosen to maximize warmth and body (Mogami interconnects and speaker cables and a Shunyata Black Mamba PC).

If you have problems or need additional advice, VAC is absolutely super to deal with and will help you get it right. Call them.