Advise on Tube integrated with good bass

I just sold my whole system and i'm in the planning stages to rebuild another one. In the meantime i need some recommendations on a tube integrated with good bass. The reason for the bass specification is because i watch a lot of movies with my daughter. BTW, the speakers are Legacy Classics. TIA.
The Jolida 302b with "big boy" EL34 tubes has bass like I could not believe. It was really impressive and is cheap to boot. Arthur
McIntosh makes an integrated amp version of its mc275 amp. That should do the trick.
I second Aball's recommendation of "the Jolida 302b with 'big boy' EL34 tubes." Well worth a listen. I've tried several different EL34 tubes in mine and the EH and Ei "big bottles" are both very impressive.

big myth that tube amps lack good bass. almarro makes some great, inexpensive, integrateds that sound fab. really its a speaker issue, just make sure your speakers are reasonably efficient. good luck.
Aronov Audio LS-960I has seemed to my circle of listeners to be the reasonably priced tube bass champ, as it runs in the $1200 (or, less) range used on Audiogon. Also, very realistic, and "just right" sounding, throughout rest of frequency range.
Of course, this quality of bass is too wonderful for just movies, so don't forget your music roots.