Advise on this speaker list

Hi I would like some advice as to what would be the best setup. which one would integrate better, with SVS or HSU subwoofer and SVS Ultra Surrounds.

PSB Imagine T6 and center
Arx A5 and center
Monitor Audio Silver 8 or 10 and center
Focal Profile 918 and center are they more for the finish?
Focal Chorus 836V and center

The speaker would be about 13 inches from the wall to stay flush with the TV or TV stand in case that would be better for front ported speaker. Room is about 15x15 feet 7.5 roof.
There no wall on one side only the kitchen aisle, about 4feet tall, so is open to the kitchen.

The best integration is achieved when surrounds match front and center, so if you were to choose the T6 and center, then use PSB Imagine S5 surround. Subwoofer does not need to be the same brand as the other 5.
I wouldn't worry about the mains & center integrating with subs and surrounds. These units will integrate usually with anything. As Tls49 points out - its important to have the L/C/R's match in a multi channel set up.

I would worry more about how the speakers you are considering will match up with the amp you will be using. Do you already have one? Do you plan on getting one?

If you don't have one, find the speakers you love first and then get an amp that will properly drive them.

That being said, I checked the specs of the mains you are looking at and all appear to be close in sensitivity, 89-92 db and only one is 4 Ohms, the Monitor Audio. So not knowing about the amp, the Chorus 836 would be the easiest to drive, the Monitor Audio 6 or 8's, the hardest. Have fun in your selection process and happy listening.
Also what is the minimum is there such for rear ported speaker between their back and the back wall.

Is for front ported the same?
Cause is this is the case I might have to eliminate the rears from my list.
Get MAGICO Q1 be a sport!!
The minimum distance of a rear ported speaker to the back wall is a good question Dazler and one that may get a lot of different answers. The most common answer that I have seen to this question on various forums seems to 12" and I tend to agree - I would go no closer than this. If you can't get a at least a foot, go front ported.

The manufacturer of my speakers, that are rear ported, recommends a minimum of a meter or 3.2' but in my case, that would be impossible to attain. I have settled for roughly half or 19" and am very pleased with the results.
Dazler, ... normally I don't recommend gear, especially speakers. Too darn subjective and controversial a topic.

In this case I'll make an exception because you listed PSB as a possible speaker choice. I suggest that you add Paradigm Signature speakers to the list. Paradigm and PSB are Canadian cousins.

In particular, the Signature 6s or 8s (version 3), plus a companion Sig. center. There are some terrific prices for pre-owned. And if you spring for a Paradigm SUB 1 or SUB 2, watch out. Your neighbors, wifey or significant other may put a contract out on you. You WILL absolutely ROCK the house!!! :)

Oh ... I agree with Paraneer. Pick speakers first, ... then the amp. OTOH, if you have a good quality, high current capable SS amp, you should be good to go.

Finally, the S8s are front and back ported. My S8s are about 2 feet in front of the wall. I think 18 inches would be ok, that's just about 5 more than what you mentioned above.

Let us know what you decide.

Happy Holidays.

After I told the wife to come look at the speakers she disqualified most of them but the Focals and SVS Ultra tower that I also show her. She did not like the colors and or plastic look of some of them.

Now what would be a good HT setup
Focal 836V $2k
Focal 826W $2.4k
SVS Ultra $2k

For surround Infinity Classia C255ES cause they are versatile and cheaper than the SVS Surrounds.
Sub SVS or HSU.