Advise on preamps.

I am thinking about getting a new tube preamp to match with a Cary SLA-70 Signature push-pull stereo amp. I am thinking of staying within the Cary line. Any comments on the SLP-50B or the SLP-74P preamps? I am open to other preamps for under $2K range.
Skip-out on the Cary's. You will NOT find a better "sound" or soundstage than an Audible Illusion 3A in the under $2K market. I compared it to EVERY pre-amp Cary, BAL, and the others offered. Nothing came close. Nothing.
I've never heard Audible Illusions, but someone in the audio industry whom I trust spent a weekend comparing the Modulus 3 with the Anthem Pre-1, and thought the Pre-1 was best in every respect. His opinion, not mine, but since Anthem Pre-1's (either the original, with phono, or Pre-1L) go for less than the Modulus 3, I thought I'd mention it.
Wanna save a bundle and still have one of the best sounding preamps around for UNDER a grand or 2 grand for that matter.?? Check out a Van Alstine Super Pas 4i. Tube hybrid and you get a buffered tube phono section also. It's the one that stopped me from looking around. I did have a couple of CJs among others in the $2K range and for $800.00 the AVA is their equal.