Advise on phono cable please

Can anyone give me some recommendations on phono interconnect? My setup is Grado Reference (.5mv), VPI Aries, JMW10 into ARC reference phono into ARC LS25II. I am using Nordost cables for the rest of the system so I am wondering if I should go for the Quattro,s or try something else. Auditioning is hard as there are no dealers in town with a selection of cables to try. Any input is greatly appreciated
I use the Hovland Music Groove2 Phono cable on my Linn LP12/Itok/Helicon sl and it opened up my system in a major way,more Bass,midrange resolution and also cleaned up the higher frequencies.You can see I liked it to say the least!
Purist Proteus is an excellent phono cable. (Dominus might give slightly better sound, but is probably too heavy.)
I'd include the lastest Graham, IC-70, in your short list of phono cables to consider. It is exceptional. Enjoy.
Has anyone tried or compared the Nordost Quattrofills to others?
Macintosh's (the audiophile co. not the apple computer) former head design enginner "did the math" with you guys as lab rats @ several major cons. Fact of the matter is you can talk all you want about "chrystiline structure" and what not, but when it comes down to it, as long as it is not corroding inside the jacket (increasing resistance) COPPER IS COPPER.
Silver (& others) are better conductors, but with modern equip, there is not any reason to be sweating that, so keep your silver with the fine china.
I'll not hassel anyone for paying slightly more OFC wires, but you might as well just get quality zip cord (lamp cord) or even that old Thermostat Wiring that i scavenged 6 spools of durring a building upgrade at my office. (and since have used to build and repair just about everything in the past 3 yrs, including rewiring the whole rear end on a Volvo)
So, don't sweat what brand it is, just don't use something that is going to be green inside the insulation.
just use the right guage for your speaker runs and pretty much whatever for your interconnects.
If you want something cooler than the off the rack stuff or one you made with a set of Transistor Hut's El Cheepo bag o' assorted phono plugs, then pick up some pretty hardware and some nice colour co-ordinating jacketed wire and DIY and have some pride in it.
Fifty dollar wire sets sound better only if you know they are there. today's word is Placebo. Can you say Placebo boys and girls?
Who let the flame-bait in?

Dude, go troll for laughs on the digital forum. Cmo was asking a genuine question. this is an Audiophile web site where we can hear the difference between audio components. Even when the math suggests otherwise. Math is for engineers, not Audiophiles.

We can also hear the differences between wires.

We are not rewiring Volvos here.

I personally think some of those mega buck wires are a waste of money. That is why it is important to ask Questions in this forum. Cmo, I would suggest the Origin Live interconnect, they are a good value and the guys who make them know good analog sound,an important consideration.


Romexwerx, you are providing yourself with your own punishment for taking a view that "wire is wire". It is clearly not the case, so you are relegating your own system to poorer performance than needed, simply because of your closed-minded position. We don't care if you think that "wire is wire", because we have already learned something that you apparently haven't, and are enjoying the benefits of it, while you languish in mediocrity of sound. It is not we who are suffering from the delusions, and wasting our money. You are operating under a misconception, and you should be glad that others are pointing out your error. Perhaps a little more listening, and a little less "book reading" would be of benefit to you.
I use Van den Hul M.C. D502. Opened up the sound from the cables that came with my Linn Axis. I can't be sure but the previous owner mentioned it was Siver Conductor cables. I compared the Axis cables vs. Vdh and the Vdh came out on top without really being bright sounding. Bass was still good and midrange was considerable better.