Advise on cartridge for Scout

I am expecting a VPI Scout this week. My system is Dynaudio contour 3.0,Musical Fidelities 3.2cr pre,and a Anthem amp2 se. After reading all the posts I can,I am worried about the the setup sounding very thin and analitical. The price range is around $500. Any suggetions for a musical,open sounding cartridge are welcome.

I'd try a Dynavector 10X5, I never tried one of the new ones, but I was very impressed with the older 10X4 mk II version. One of the best 'bang for the buck' cartridges out there, IMHO.

I agree with Jmcgrogan2 on the Dynavector. I went with the 20 XH on my Scout and I am very pleased. The reason for the 20 XH is that I have a MM phono stage on my McIntosh and the 20 XH is a High out put MC which works well in place of going with a MM Cartridge.
Does anyone have the Frequency Response specs. for the Dynavector 10x5? Not the 20hz-20Khz flat response but the response like (i.e at -3db 15hz-50Khz)that Ortofon give?
Thanks for the responses. Has anyone heard the Scout with Dynaudio speakers? The Benz glide was also on the list.
I went with the Dynavector 20XH. Picked it up last night and I will try to do some listening this evening. Sounds very nice so far.