Advise on 7.1 Channel Surround System & Speaker

Dear All ,

Currently looking for good set of Surround Speaker 7.1 Channel and Receiver .

Please advice which brand go for ?

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wow set a budget then double it have fun. No matter what the other self proclaimed experts say start with the speakers they make the biggest difference and use the same brand all around. EXCEPTION would be the sub. Stop amd just buy the JLAudio F112
I'd suggest going with B&W, Revel, or Paradigm in addition to KEF. These are all good, safe bets and offer various price points. For a receiver (I assume you don't want separates) I'd suggest Yamaha, Marantz, or Pioneer. If you would consider separates then give Emotiva a go. You'll get good value there with a pre-pro and better amplification than any processor. For sub, try going with dual subs. SVS offers exceptional values there. You can get two of their top of the line subs for about 3k. I'd suggest breaking out your budget for a 7.2 setup that is 3k for subs, 5k for speakers, and 2k for a receiver or pre-pro and 7-channel amplification. I personally would go for a pre-pro or receiver with room correction and I would not do the speaker management in the BluRay player. The addition of room correction is a huge factor. And one last tidbit, you can also go for a receiver that offers pre-outs and buy a good amplifier for the front L and R channels.
I agree with the KEF LS55 suggestion, but I'd be inclined to skip the processor and let an Oppo 105 or 105D do speaker management and volume control. I'd buy two subs.

Do you really want rear channels? I rarely turn on the amp that drives the rear speakers.

I don't suppose that the Bose Wave would fit your needs...
For the best 7.1 effect all the speakers should match. Unless you have a huge room you don't need to spend $10K it's just TV and the audio quality is all over the place. You could spend the rest of your budget on a great Clearaudio turntable or PS Audio's new Direct Stream DAC.

I helped select and installe a nice system, in an 18'X24'X8' room, that has pleanty of headroom for less than half that amount.

Two JL Audio 10" E-subs

Seven Pioneer SP-C22 Center channel speakers. (One of the best deals currently in audio)

Denon AVR-S-900W (Here the room correction gets better the higher up you go. Personally I like the presentation of the Pioneer Elite receivers).

Don't forget the 7.1 Bluray production of Master and Commander. This has some very good 7.1 content.

Have fun
Have your needs been met I would like to show you some photos of what I have.

Model - Classic 2

audiophileconsultant at yahoo
Thank you for all the feedback and advice..

Appericated and Thank you very much.
Thank you for all the feedback and advice..

Appericated and Thank you very much.
Here's my suggestion:

Get 4 pairs of KEF LS50 or 3 pairs + 1 if your dealer can swing it. At 1.5k a pair, it's about 6k for the speakers for 8.

The benefit? You get identical speakers that if you place correctly - you can listen to multi channel Pure Audio blurays and SACDs and DVDAs without employing too much DSP - just Pure Direct.

Plus the KEF LS50s are amazing speakers - KEF puts it in their "Flagship" range and it is no mistake.

Get a Denon X4000 with XT32 and preamp outputs. This goes for about 1k with the new model coming out.

That leaves you with 3K

You can spend 1.9k on the JL Audio E112 or 1.5k on the JL E110.

The remainder would go towards power amps for the front 3 speakers.

I'd look at the Wyred4Sound's ST MkII ST-500 for the front L and R speakers (1.5k) or mAmp mono block (1k) for the centre speaker. Depending on which option for subwoofer you went for.

When funds allow, I'd upgrade to more ST-500s or mAmps because the KEF LS50s are remarkable speakers and would easily benefit from better amplification.

If you aren't so keen on music/multichannel music, I'd only use the LS50 for front L and R and use a set of 5.1 KEF E305s to make up the 7.1

In this case, you can use the AVR to power the E305s and just get a pair of mAmps to drive the L and R LS50s. The UniQ drivers on the E305s and LS50s make it easier to handle timbre matching. That would also give you a lot of change left.
Too many brands, too many models, too many tastes, too many price points. And you'll get too many opinions too.

So, go to whatever HiFi or HT dealers you have in your area and start listening to sets of 7.1 speakers. Once you find the speakers you really love the sound of, then select an AVR or separates that will properly drive them to whatever levels you comfortably want to listen at without the risk of clipping. Then you'll have the 7.1 HT system that's best for you. And not us.

Or have a bunch a strangers on the internet tell you how to spend your 10K.
Price range below 10K , Mainly for Movie....Any Suggestion ?
Need details? Price range, desires (mainly music or movies), types of music preferred, family friendly or complicated and fun...