advise needed on amps...

Guys, I've been asking about what amp to go before this. Here is the short listed amp that I must choose without audition with my Zu Druids MKIV/08 speakers as it's all different individual sellers.

Luxman SQ 38s
Leben Cs300
Almarro A318B
Audio Note Oto SE Signature

I'm looking for musicality setup with resolution. Music preferences :Ryan Adam, Sting, Dire Straits, Jazz/Blues etc...
Given your speakers, I wouldn't buy anything without first listening to it. If that means you have to wait or take some extra steps to somehow get a demo, then I think thats what you need to do.
I dont think it possible to demo with my speakers. the nearest owner is at 250km away. To bring my speakers along is not practical.That's why i'm asking opinion in here...from the experts who has the experience...thanks..;)
If there is no way you can do a demo, I would still suggest that you be cautious. With speakers that sensitive its very easy to have gain issues that result in a hum or some type of similar type of noise. I have a pair of Wilson's that I sometimes put in my system and even though they are very efficient, a lot of the components I have tried with them don't work well because of this. The Zu's are much more efficient than my Wilsons. That would lead me to believe you might be in for the same problem; which was the reason for my first post.