Advise needed... aka how to replace the Oppo

I have a Oppo BDP-95 that I've used as a combined audio and HT source for the last couple of years. Truly a great machine! As a result of a move, I can now separate my HT from my stereo, so I will need an additional source. The options are really keeping the BDP-95 as a 2-ch digital source and get a new BluRay for the HT, but I've already gone through the process of making the BDP-95 region free (which is important to me) so it kind of makes sense to keep it in the HT.

So, if I get a new source for the 2-ch set up, what should I get? Would prefer one with a balanced output (although not a must, it's desired... everything else is balanced in my stereo set up). Price around $1000-1500 used. Any suggestions? If there's nothing better than the Oppo, then of course the option is always there to stick with that...
If you like the Oppo, you can buy a brand new 105 for $1200.
plus one
I guess that's just it... The Oppo is good but somehow not engaging. To no ones surprise, I feel much more drawn into the performance when I use my turntable, with the Oppo, well it's more about the sound that the performance... There's nothing wrong with the Oppo but I always wonder if I can't do better...
Try to listen to a cambridge 752, had mine for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy it! This is a coming from a from a long time aka life time enjoyer of vinyl..... You'll stop analyzing what your'e hearing and just focus on the music!
Uh, pretty sure why they mod Oppos. Everyone wants better than off the shelf anything, even Oppos.
I have an OPPO 95 and like it a lot for my modest HT setup and found a few very inexpensive tweaks that improve on it's audio and video.
But I have a Bryston BCD-1 in my main system and it is outstanding. Used it is probably within your price range.
This may be completely off... I'm seriously considering a NOS DAC for the mean time and if I like it, I get a good transport for it, if I don't then I either keep the Oppo as a 2 ch source or I get another CD player...