Advise:Goertz MI2 vs Analysis Oval 9

Hi, I've heard mixed reviews on above two speaker cables. Can anyone here share some experience as to which of the above two is more universal and which is more system dependent ? by universal, I mean, in almost any system it will sound good. pls also indicate your speakers and amp you are using. thanks.
Try taking a look at this post and those that follow it in the thread. You might find it interesting. You'll have to cut cut and paste it since i don't know how to do a direct link here. Sean >
Interesting information and a nice lead. What's the Zobel network?
I did a post on the Asylum describing what a Zobel Network was. Go back into the Cable Asylum ( the original link will get you there ) and do a search for Zobel Network. I explained everything that you want to know there after someone asked the same question. Sorry about not doing it again here, but i just don't have time right now. Sean >