Advise.....Best cartridge under $1000.00

I am getting ready to replace my Blue Point Special with a new cartridge. Whats the best sounding Cartridge out there in this price range. My first choice at this point is a Benz High Output Glider. Any and all opinions are welcome.
Good choice,but I think you would do better getting a Grado Sonata.Stereophile Class B.The Glider is considered a Class C.But I honestly dont know which one is better.There is a Sonata for sale on this site for $295.00 ($500.00) it has 150 hours on it.You could buy a hundred pounds of vinyl with the remainder of your $1000.000 !!!
You might try Goldring Excel. Previously rated Class B "Stereophile". One listed on Audiogon for under $600 used.
I upgraded from a Glider to a Grado Reference. It retails for 1200.00 but can be found new for 1000.00 or less. It is a high output MM vs the Glider MC but in my system with tubes the Grado really brought out the midrange.I really don't think you can go wrong with any quality cartridge in this price range. They all have trade offs and you just need to find one that works best for you.Good luck.
Why not the Lyra Beta? It retails for $1000 and is a very revealing cartridge with very low record noise (on my VPI IV modified/SAMA/SME IV modified). It is a terrific sounding cartridge that has excellent tracking and projected very long life. My Dynavectors (Karat, Ruby, XL) all bit the dust every 3 years due to suspension hardening. My former Lyra Lydian lasted 8 years and still wasn't worn out or had a hardened suspension. I highly recommend the Lyra line for longetivity and low record noise. I am also considering upgrading to an ZYX R-1000 silver but that one is more than double this column's price range.
Slowhand, I think that if you are still using the JMW arm, that you are in safe territory with the Glider. If you can stretch a little, or get a deal, the Benz LO-4 is a better one.

Of course you know I like the Shelter, but cannot recommend it on that arm because of potential compliance mismatch. The Benz LO-4 is as close as you can come to the Shelter, in a cartridge around that price, that has a high enough compliance to be completely safe with the JMW arm. It is a very good cart. If you can't find a good deal on one, then the Glider is the next best bet. It wouldn't hurt to check out the Dynavectors either, since they are some very fine cartridges that would work well in that arm. Like a 17D2 Karat. Different kind of sound than the Benz, and would give you some choice between the European and Japanese sounds.
Don't overlook Benz' quite liberal trade-ins. The last I looked, you could upgrade to the $1295 Benz L2/M2/H2 for $800 with any Benz trade-in. I'm wrestling with the same decision, i.e. the Benz L2 vs the Lyra Helicon, which one of my audio dealers really thinks is worth the extra money.