Advise before I regret

I bought a new pair of speakers paradigm premier 800 series in piano white to get a little brighter sound and replace my existing paradigm studio 100’s v3 speakers that are mint but a few years old so I went with a replacement. I just added a Yamaha aventege receiver 2080 and am anthem mc20 amp to drive them. Any adivice or experience which set of speakers is better. Before I sell the wrong pair I will
do a side by side comparison but just wanted to get some professional experience. 
Dear aewarren

The speakers were NOT identical to each other.  One pair was white and the other black.
Consider the philosophical conundrum of making the perfect die - ie in which all six faces are so identical it is impossible to distinguish them.
The older Paradigm 100s were petty good but you need an amp. I would think the premiers may be a downgrade. 
I was going from memory (at my age, not a good thing). The article was from an interesting interview with Damon Von Schweikert, son of Albert, in the September 2020 issue of Stereophile magazine. And, of course, I got it wrong.
"For one of the experiments he (Albert) did under Heyser, they designed a two-way speaker. They painted one black and one white-same design. Students did a listening test and filled out a questionnaire: How did this make you feel? What did you think about the musicality? What did you say about the resolution? And by and large, people thought the white speaker was very open and airy and fun. And the black speaker was more dramatic."
This was an exercise in understanding how the human ear-brain mechanism works and how it relates to perception.
The Premiers are a step down. The excellent Prestige series replaced the Studio series. I have listenened to the Prestige 75fs with a Boulder 866, fed by a DCS Bartók. The 75, 85, 95fs are unbelievably good. The Premiers are as cheap as they can make a speaker with current technology in Canada. I have never heard a theater receiver (below $6k) do a good job with music.
Wow! thanks for the great belly laugh I had after reading you last sentence! Addressing Mr. BMW 007 , you know
he preferred the Aston Martin line.
I think you are having some fun, right?