Advise before I regret

I bought a new pair of speakers paradigm premier 800 series in piano white to get a little brighter sound and replace my existing paradigm studio 100’s v3 speakers that are mint but a few years old so I went with a replacement. I just added a Yamaha aventege receiver 2080 and am anthem mc20 amp to drive them. Any adivice or experience which set of speakers is better. Before I sell the wrong pair I will
do a side by side comparison but just wanted to get some professional experience. 
That was the old paradigm.
I brought the studio 100 circa 2004 home and was pretty disappointed with the resolution tho they did the job I found them boring. The newer models have a rep for being a bit tipped up so maybe you’ll like it better. 
I read about a psychoacoustic experiment where they painted speakers pairs black or white and had a study group listen to both pairs. The majority of listeners found the white pair brighter and more open, the black pair more dynamic even though the speakers were identical to each other. That's one of the reasons I listen to music in the dark~I'm not going to let my speakers fool me.
Why would you purchase a pair of speakers without testing or making sure they are suitable? How long have you had them?

I know a few posters in this forum who have done exactly that, but that another matter. 🇦🇺