Advice: Yamaha Cds 2100 black or silver?

Hello, thanks for looking. I'm trying to decide on which Yamaha CDS-2100 to get, specifically the color. The unit comes in black and silver, and wanted to get some feedback on how the colors deal with oils/fingerprints, etc.

I tend to prefer to get black audio gear, but I've seen a few units with oil/fingerprint transfer, and it looks pretty unappealing. The amp I will be using with it (rogue Cronus Magum II) is black. Though I do not know how old those units were or how well they were taken care of, so hopefully those knowledgeable on the subject can sedan some light on this.

If any owners here can give me some advice and their impressions after owning the unit for a while, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am set on getting the Yamaha, I managed to snag a brand new unit through a friend who is an authorized dealer for a crazy good deal.
For 40+ years, my equipment has always been black. My experience is that is shows every fingerprint and skin oil transfer. In the last 4 years, all my new equipment is now silver as it always looks good, plus I got tired of the black color.

Your Rogue Cronus MagnumII is an excellent tube integrated. I use a Cronus Magnum in my secondary system. I upgraded all the small tubes and the sound is much improved over the cheap JJ tubes used by the factory. The Cronus MagnumII only came out within the last 6 months or so.
Yep. Got it when it came out. Also got a full remote for the extra money, the one provided was cheaper than the one that came with the $39.00 CRT television I have.
I prefer black most of the time since all of my gear is black, including my Yamaha A-S1000. With that said, the silver Yamahas with the cherry/birch side panels looks incredible and does not show fingerprints the way black does. The silver with black gloss panels of the 2100's looks great also.

My solution is to wipe the black surfaces after touching which is not that often due to use of the remote control.
How badly does the black show fingerprints/ oils etc? Something that is apparent immediately or not really?
I don't think that the blacks shows them that bad unless you are up very close. The Yamaha black is a very smooth somewhat polished black so my personal solution is to not touch the surface often and when I do I use a dry cloth to wipe with.

If you would like, I could fingerprint up my A-S1000 and and take and send photos to you. If you would like that, send me a private message with your email address and I will try to get it done later today and send them.