advice with upgrading tube preamp

hi all...was looking for ideas in upgrading my current preamp which is a dehavilland ultra the tube sound and would hope for a noticeable matched with a bryston 14bsst and tyler linbrook signature.thanks to all....and happy holidays.
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Second Tvad's comments above. The UV may not be the end game, but it is a very good preamp in it's price range, and revealing enough to reflect what's going on in the rest of your system. What 6SN7 are you using, and do you have the remote version of the UV? I personally wanted a bit more top end extension and openess from my UV and made some cost effective modifications that achieved those goals and more. See my system page for more details.
tom...was also looking for more detail and openess....also the synergy between it and the bryston may not be the best,seems i lost alot of the gain when i switched from a ss pre to the ultra verve.maybe also just have the upgrade bug.was thinking about the higher end BAT products although havent seen a dealer in my area to demo.i am using sylvania
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