Advice Wanted, component placement

I have a new system and am having some difficulties with component placement. A good audio rack would solve the problem but for now the budget is at it's limit. I have a Nakamichi DR-1 Cassette deck that has been place on the bottom rack, about 2" up from the carpeted floor. I am concerned about dust, lint, etc and have moved it up to the second shelf, 15" off the floor. The only problem is that I had to place it stacked under my Rotel RCD-1072 CD player. Is there any problem with this? The sound has not changed that I can tell, however I have come to value the input from individuals on this site with more experience than I and would appreciate your input. Thanks.
Many people have found mass damping their CDP's to be a positive thing! One thing you could try very inexpensively... Pick up three or four 1" superballs at your local dollar store. Cut them exactly in half and spread them out evenly on top of the CDP. Remove the original feet from your tape deck, if need be, and place the deck on it's new feet. The balls should help dampen out vibration.

Have fun!
I was going to suggest the superball tweak but Gordus beat me to it. These things are also called "bouncy balls" or something similar. They do work. You cut them along their seam line. Good luck, Dave.
I'm partial to the "bouncy" balls that are clear and have little plastic dinosaurs inside them!
Most of mine have smiley faces on them. When I'm expecting serious audiofolk, I stand them on their faces.
I dont think my GSD would ever forgive me if I cut any ball in half!