Advice wanted

I am a music lover, but not an audiophile. I have an old KLH Model 20 (AM/FM/Phono with KLH floor speaker) that recently died - one channel has died, as well as the turntable. I am looking to put together a new system. I want a 2 channel system, since I expect to never want 5 channel, multi-room sound.

I want to keep the KLH speakers because I think they are good enough for my purposes. Altough I would prefer to have a system with a remote, I have been thinking about getting a Marantz 2270 on eBay. For a CD player, I have wondered about getting a Sony SCD-C222ES at eBay and using it solely for 2 channel purposes. I have no idea what kind of turnable to get, but I have a lot of records that I want to continue playing.

I'm sure it is obvious that (1) I don't know what I am doing, (2) I don't know what components would be well matched into a compatible system, (3) my taste and budget are not in the direction of a sophisticated, complex, exotic, or expensive solution. I want a system that will be a pleasure to listen to good music on. I will welcome all suggestions about how to proceed, no matter is what direction, or how different they may be with my current thinking.

Thank you in advance for your good advice and suggestions.
Here's my two cent's worth. I think you're looking for an excellent-sounding, user-friendly system. I'd go with a used Linn Classik for amp/CD duties and a Rega P2 with Super Bias cartridge and NAD phonostage for vinyl. When you're ready, go with some used Linn Kan or Tukan speakers. This would be a very simple and elegant setup.
Let me warn you that KLH often used equalization in their electronics to compensate for the matched speakers' characteristics. That means that using the KLH speakers with linear, non-KLH electronics may result in disappointing results. What model of speaker is in your system?
Excellent point and good question Kr4. This is something that would probably be overlooked by someone without your knowledge and background.

Having said that, Jgold might experience VERY different sonics than what they were expecting out of such a system. While we all get used to the specific sound that our systems delivers ( and they ALL have their own sonic characteristics ), it may take some getting used to / further refinement to achieve what one is looking for when making such a drastic change in componentry. Sean
To Thsalmon: Thanks for the suggestion. I read 2 reviews of the Linn Classik (one in Stereophile) - both generally favorable. I'll check it out further. I'm not sure what you mean by the NAD phonostage. Is that a separarte phono pre-amp unit? Thanks for your interest and suggestions.

To I'll give you what information I can about the KLH speakers. On the back it says 4 ohm. As I measure it, there is a 8" woofer and a 5" mid-range/tweeter-second speaker. The heavy wooden enclosure measures 23" x 12" x 9". On the back if simply says KLH Model 20, with no further info. There is a three position "high frequency level" toggle switch - with positions for increase, decrease, and normal. I hope this info is useful to you. (I also use headphones fairly often too - Sennheiser 580. I think the headphones are probably better quality that the rest of my equipment at the moment.) Thanks for your interest and comments.
The NAD phonostage is a small outboard step up preamp for turntables. It's a little larger than a deck of cards and sells new for around $130. I just got one for my Dad's turntable (I bought him a P2 at the same time for his birthday), and I'm really impressed how it performs for the $.
Since it is marked as a Model 20, the same # as the system, there is all the more reason to expect that system eq may be afoot here. While it will 'work' with any other amp capable of handling a 4ohm speaker, you may find that it sounds very different.
Does anyone have any specific comments regarding my original idea of getting a Marantz 2270 and combining it with a newer CD player and turntable?
Thsalmon...great suggestions...I personally wouldnt bother with the vintage Marantz piece...these are more "collectors items" these days...and as such...their prices are pretty inflated in relation for what u get in sound performance(not to mention the risk involved)...the Linn comb Thsalmon suggested is both hi-quality and affordable...around $800 used...which includes amp and world class cd player...add the Rega turntable and the little Linn speakers... and be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor...this will embarrass many "higher end" systems...and I hate to be this blunt...pull the pants down on your old system...
Also..if funds are tight...the original regal Planet cd player for $300 used and an older intergrated by creek,rotel,nad,etc which has a phono stage...again around $300 used...but still...the suggestion of the Linn combo for just a little more is a great idea...Im looking into to getting one myself...good luck!
I also know Sean is a fan of the Castle Richmond am I...they dont have alot of bass...but being an "old school" British speaker...they have that very open and full midrange...which makes them sound bigger than they look...for around $300 used/$500 new...they are a great bargain...and pretty forgiving...which means they would workw well when playing records...
Thanks, Phasecorrect. I'm impressed with the consensus that has appeared speaking favorably about the Linn Classik as a solution. Where would you recommend looking for used ones? $800 sounds like a great price. Is that a realistic guess?

Last weekend I listened to a B&K PT5 with a B&K ST-2140 that sounded very good to me. That would take me down the path to building a system of separates, which I had up till now been trying to avoid.
The Linn classik appears on this site with some frequency...although u will have to add a phono stage and cables...which will put it closer to a grand...and if u are serious about the Linn...I would upgrade your speakers...
You will have to act fast on the Linn...they go quick...good luck....
Phasecorrect -

Thanks again for the advice. Since our last exchange I have checked on this site, and you are right. It seems like these Linn Classiks go like hotcakes. I'll have to be on my toes.

I'm also looking on eBay for a used turnable. I see an ad for an old Yamaha YP-B2 for a less than $50 that claims to be in excellent condition. I don't know anything about them. What are your thoughts about that?
For a cheap TT...check Carry MusicHall...which has an entry level table for $200 with Cartridge...I wouldnt waste my time on a used table....there is too much risk