Advice Sought

I will be soon chging residences...and will have to do away with my separate 5.1 system as I have one less room and do not want to "combine" with my 2 channel set up. Also overtime I find I just use it for really watching DVD movies and thus the value proposition to me now is much more heavily towards video for this sep set up. I know what I want to do with regard to sound set up (either Yamaha or Polk surround bars + my existing ML sub to save space etc). What I need advice is on the video set up. My old Fujitisu 42 inch plasma will move to another room as will be DVD player...want to upgrade. Its been awhile since I've investigated video so I am quite behind.

Can't have a projector set up so it will need to be LCD, Plasma or DLP rear projection TVs. Size would prefer 50 inches and above but no need for those huge 60 inch plus screens. For DVD, no need for SACD, DVD-A, and I will not be using for redbook CD play either: audio quality is confined to playing movies. For both the paramount thing is video quality, including correction for artifacts, upconverting (no HDTV where I live but I understand upconverting to 1080p improves DVDs? Not sure what the difference btwn DVI and HMDI and whether I need either or both) but also the basics, richness of color, clarity of detail, depth imaging, wide viewing angle if possible, good blackness (and also quiet in terms of noise). HD Video, Blu Ray I will deal with when they do come. Price is not an issue,..willing to burn.

Any recommendations? What would be the "best" in your opinion?
After spending a lot of time both reading reviews and seeing product demos, I would highly recommend the new Sony SXRD RPTV. It's available in both 50" and 60". They've been highly touted and often recommended by most of the A/V magazines. To my eyes, they offer the best all around performance. I'd have bought the 60" by now except I'm in the process of upgrading/replacing my electronics first, then the TV. I'd suggest using the DVD source you now own or buy an inexpensive (with HDMI) player and wait for the HD-DVD/Blue-Ray sources to become available at a reasonable (not 'first adaptor') price .... probably within a year. Just my 2 cents.
Agree on the SXRD.

For DVD, another format war. HD-DVD comes out this month, Toshiba for $499. I have heard the Blue Ray machine (Sony?)will cost $1800 and is coming out in the summer.
DVDO-VP30 for scaling: Any res to any res. (one HDMI cable to set). SONY SXRD 50". TOSHIBA HD-DVD HDA1 backwards compatible player (or just wait till the format war settles on a victor - meanwhile a DENON-1910 DVD player.

Bob Wood
Also agree with the Sony SXRD 50". It's an LCD display that uses a technology called LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) that was originally developed for Sony's very best $13,000+ displays. It's capable of displaying 2 million pixels with a 1080P source, while most current HDTVs can only display 1 million. The way I understand it, however, is that there are no 1080P sources available currently but there may be in the near future (Studio releases on BluRay, some satellite/cable programs, etc.). Most current HDTV is 720P at best. In any case, I found this unit's picture quality to be the best of anything under about $8-9k, although the Pioneers looked as good for considerably more money. Good luck.