Advice Sought on Upgrading my 2 Channel Audio

I barely post anywhere as I do alot of reading here and elsewhere that's been very helpful. I thought I would start my first thread as I need specific help pertaining to my system.

My system is only HT now and consists of a Classe ssp 25 and cd 1.5, Theta Dreadnaught II, Magnum Dynalab md100, and a Rotel dvd player. For HT it's fine for now but for 2 channel the Classe sounds too lean to me and would like to seek advice on what I can add to make the 2 channel audio more enjoyable.

I have a couple of ideas with 1, being to ad a preamp(tube or ss but I have no experience with tubes at all). Also from reading I heard if you use a tube pre with HT bypass, the tube life won't last long. Is this true with all tube pres or just a few? 2, sell the Classe 1.5 and ad a dac and use the Rotel as a transport.

My budget for a pre is around 2K used or new, give or take. If I ad a dac, then I would like to fund it with a sale of the cd player, if possible.

Hopefully I haven't left anything out and appreciate all opinions. Thanks,

I forgot to ad that my speakers are Dali Helicon 400's. Thanks again,

What does your system sound like when you use the SSp-25 as the DAC?

The SSP-25 has nearly the same digital and analog circuitry as the 1.5 does. They should sound similar or the 25 should sound better.

the best thing to do is sell the CD player and the SSP and get a better prepro. Arcam AV9 works awesome with DALI, so does Meridian.

NO prepro that I know of should be used as a two channel analog preamp in your price range, in almost every case the prepro's onboard DtoA will outperform a CD player run through its analog circuitry.

A prepro has 5 major functions, so divide the prepro's retail price by 5 and that is the level of analog preamp you have.
What is your definition of "more enjoyable"? Tube gear give you a different enjoyment that SS gear. You have to know what you want first.

Cables can make a hugh improvement as well.
Thanks for the replies.

Dtsag, I'm not too good with describing things but the Classe sounds lean and sterile to me so i'm looking for the opposite. Say, dynamic, liquid, full bodied sound.

D_edwards, I replied to you through an email Agon sent me. I'm a newb at this so bear with me, please.

I also should mention that if advising on preamps, I would like it to have balanced outputs.