Advice sought

Contrary to the common knowledge ' I built a system by changing not the speakers but the other gear 
   I was Amazed when I replaced my preamp with the arc anniversary preamp bought here ;
this totally improved my sound 1000 times over 
now I've moved to a bigger house and seek suggestions on adding new speakers and a new power amp 
(new or used) and probably buying the new cd9 from arc.
   My old  system had the Einstein hybrid power amp , light in the dark ;
a quite old arc cdp and a local speaker makers product with balanced Cardas  cables and cardas speaker cables 
interesting that the Einstein now in the shop for service was swapped out with an old McCormack power ss amp from the 1980s worth 2K ; the interesting and troubling thing is it actually improved the timing of the music playback significantly , but it is much weaker on depth , bass and overall imagery then the Einstein proved capable of '
   I'd really like to have its replacement  continue the excellent timing of the McCormack plus great bass ,
sounstage and deep  imaging 
'any thoughts, or suggestions are appreciated