Advice Request - Sonus Faber Toy Speakers?


I’m looking for some small speakers for bookshelf duty (close to wall, high up) in our second system in a kitchen / dining room. Source / amp will be a Naim Unitiqute. The room is quite large - 5x6m with a high ceiling but the system doesn’t need to go loud. The speakers would be positioned between two shelves, 5ft above floor level (any speakers bigger than 11 ¼” high would have to be 6ft above floor level, since they won’t fit between the lower shelves).

I’m thinking mainly about SF Toys, particularly since they would fit between the two existing shelves, so much more invisible and could go lower down. I’m pretty keen on the SF brand, as our main system has Cremona auditors (the original, Serblin era version) and I really love the way they sound. In fact, if SF made a smaller version of the auditors, that would be perfect!

Has anyone heard both Toys and Cremona Auditors? Are they similar sound-wise?

If I got the Toys, they would be positioned quite high up (5ft from floor level) and I wondered, since the front baffle on them already angles back, would this result in drastically reduced treble? (maybe they should be angled down a bit or something if used higher up like that?)

Besides the Toys, are there any other small SF speakers I should look at? I would definitely prefer to stick with SF if possible. I don’t have a set budget as such but something around the price of the toys would be good (£700/ $1200 ish?)

Also, does anyone know if the original Toys are from the Serblin era? And if they have changed since?....The reason I’m asking is that I think that the sound of SF has changed a bit recently and if the auditors are anything to go buy, I prefer the older sound of SF.

Many thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.

since you asked, with a similar budget and placement limitation, i auditioned the sf toys and concertinos, along with dynaudio xcite and lots of others (didn't hear the cremonas, which are quite a bit pricier). i ended up buying the rega rs1, which at least for my application were better sounding and significantly cheaper--the regas are seemingly impervious to placement and don't distort even right against the wall. i'd also check out the kef ls50s, which are all the rage in these parts.
You won't find a more honest speaker than the RS-1 .
I have had Cremona auditors, and Auditors m, now have Guarneri Homage. Also had Grand piano home, and for a period while I was looking to buy Guarneri's, had the SF Toy's. To be honest, I never considered it to be a 'real' speaker, but than again, it made me smile lots of times. It is not a speaker designed in Serblin's era. I guess, if you are looking for a small speaker from his era, you could try to find Concerto home. If you have enough space,maybe an Elipsa Auditor could be a good choice? As you said, your room is quite big, that could be an issue with toys. I have used them in 4 x 3 m room, with a Pathos A class amp of 45w, they were at their limit. I cant comment of any other speaker, I have heard many, but I admit that I am clearly a Sonus Faber fan