Advice re the use of OTL amps vs others

In my recent transition from solid state to vacuum tube amplification I'm learning a little about the various types of circuitry designs available. I'm currently using the Cary Rocket 88R amp mostly in Triode mode, and Peachtree Audio Nova as a preamp. The warmth I gained is extremely satisfying but I'm not sure if this is attributable specifically to the Rocket or simply as a result of transitioning to this setup vs solid state Peachtree to Martin Logan ESL's.

I'm impressed with what I hear about the Atmasphere amps and would like to consider them but have some concerns. What I've read is that the OTL amplifiers supposedly present the best of both worlds between a solid state and valve amp sound. In one way of thinking, using the Peachtree pre and the Rocket amp, I have somewhat the same thing now. I know it's not that simple but that's why this thread. I'm not concerned about overall sound quality with the right OTL but am that I might loose some of the warmth or "roundness?" I've found with the Cary.

Therein lies the question. I have no way that I know of to locally (33064) audition the Atmasphere S30 which is the one I'm leaning toward based on my research so far. The speakers which I'm now using and intend to keep are the original Reference 3A MMC Serie having an efficiency rating of approx 85dB and 8 ohms impedance.
Agree with Alan the S30 might not be enough power but it depends on several other factors. How big a room you have? How loud you listen? If the 3A MMC speakers dip below 6-7 ohms them you should also consider the ZERO Autoformer. A better match would be a speaker that has an impedance of 12-16 ohms for the S30. But again it's best to contact Atmasphere directly they can tell you if this will work or not.
the S-30 is one of my all time favorite amps, and Ralph is one of my all time favorite guys to deal with in this crazy hobby. Give him a call or send him an email - he'll give you honest advice on what he feels will work best, not just what he wants to sell you. he's really one of the good guys. you also might want to look into the zero autoformers.