Advice re PC for Plinius amp

I have a a Plinius SA-250 and I suspect the massive transformer is creating noise on the power circuit - maybe DC, but I don't know that for sure. Even though I use dedicated 20 amp circuits, all the gear is connected / grounded to this source.

My question is: are there any PC's out there that can block DC or has anybody experience of PC's with Plinius amps and reducing hum back into the system.
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Do you have a ground toggle switch on the back of your amp?
Do you hear any difference when you use it?
I'm not sure if this applies to your amp but I have been reading up on Plinius amplifiers. I have read/heard really good things about both the company and their amplifiers and I am in the market for an upgrade. In my searching I came across something about a hum problem in one of the reviews.

I found it (Google) It was stereophile :

Here is what was said:

Don't it know the words?

The first thing I heard when I inserted the SA-100 into my system was an overwhelming hum. I'd been using MIT balanced 350 interconnect for the long run between my preamp and power amp, but while in professional audio use there is (purportedly) a firm standard regarding the grounding scheme of XLR connections, this is not so for home audio cabling. The SA-100 and my reference MIT were clearly not compatible. So I substituted a single-ended run of Monster's new M100i—which proved to be surprisingly good, as well as a bargain.

Maybe this will help you out ... good luck
Got two bridged SA-100 mk3's hooked up to a used ($100) 5 KVA step down transformer. Wired the transformer for balanced (240V in/ 60+/60- out) output but the Plinius amps seemed indifferent to balanced AC. However, can't hear any hum with a stethoscope.
thanks for the ideas. Just to be clear (as I clearly was not in my initial post) the hum is not at the amp, it is back thru the system and it gets much louder when I move the amp to class A mode via its selector switch,

I am intrigued by Horseface's suggestion to move to SE IC's - I currently use balanced transparent cable IC's (15' length). I will try SE IC's.
Hello Steve,

I owned Plinius SA-102 and I am familiar with its hum. I will confirm Stereophile writer's observation that when I installed "cheaper" and "cheaper" (thinner and thinner) power cords the hum went down.

I wonder how SA-250 handles your Apogees Scintilla and is it better (for you, of course) musically then Spectron amp you owned?

Incidently, they developed new high current power cord (about $500) but I did not have a chance to try it

Good Luck
sorry for not being helpful, i have an old plinius 8200mk2 intergrated and the hum you were describing is audible through my speakers as well, however im not so bothered because it's only there when it's on standby mode.
No issue while playing music.
Me too is looking to upgrade my siltech PC the back of my Plinius, Im hoping to take it to a higher level in terms of dynamics and timbre with cheaper cable, since the siltech are already very smooth and natural sounding cable, i feel that Plinius could benefit from something dynamic. Im interested in knowing what PC everyone uses for their Plinius amp. I'm thinking of dnm reson, Oyaide, lessloss, or MIT.
I own a Plinius SA-100 M3. I am using a Purenote Alluvion power cord. Zero hum issues with 94 dB sensitivity speakers.