Advice - Power Cable for RAM Modded HCA 2?

I'm looking for advice re: power cables for a RAM modded HCA 2 that I took possesion of last month. I replaced the stock pc with a Signal Cable Magic that I had lying around, but suspect from what I have been able to read, that the HCA 2 is capable of delivering more than I'm getting out of it.

For my system I'm looking for a cable that is on the "warm and full-bodied" side of things, and can be purchased used on A-Gon for about $250 USD (new or used). I require only 4 feet. Prime contenders, from reading many posts here, seem to be:

PS Audio Xstreme Statement
VH Flavor 4 with Furutech

FYI I tried an Audio Indulgence Alpine Silver Lace and a Shanling cord that I had on hand, but for this application neither is better than the Signal Cable.

Suggestions? Thanks very much.