Advice Pls: Tact v PS Audio v Spectral

I'm planning to completely upgrade my system in the next several months. I've decided on Soundlab M1/A1 speakers (probably from Duke). Now I need to choose an amp. The merits of an all digital signal path are - to my mind - compelling, esp with digital room correction, but I don't have any actual experience. Any thoughts about merits/demerits of a particular model would be helpful. Or if you think that I'm completely off base and should go analog, I'd like to hear your thoughts as to why.
FWIW, I tried a pair of bridged Evos on A3s - as you know they are "digital". I felt they were acceptable but did not have the life of the best tube amps or the Pass Aleph series. Email member "celebrat" - he used a similar combo with a Tact or some other digital correction device with an Accuphase 75. I use a pair of Wolcotts I bought from Duke - great dealer and a great amp. You may want to post your question on SLOG.
I find the Spectral equipment to be very effective and reasonably priced (relatively speaking, of course) - I've never heard it with Soundlab, but have with Martin Logan, and it was the best I'd heard on Martin Logan. I don't know what the Sound Labs require, but the DMA 100S has amazing bass, incredible detail and soundstaging, and is not a fatigue machine. The Spectral DMC 15 preamp is flat out spectacular, loads of information, goes deeper into the music than any other preamp I've used, awesome soundstage - but it has no remote.

Digital room correction is intriguing, though, since the room determines and sets limits on the sound you can achieve. And I have friends who've sworn off preamps after using variable volume CDs, another reason to go all digital.

good luck!

Brian- If you are intending to get speakers from Duke, I'd strongly suggest that you ask him about his experiences with the Sound Labs. Though I've not dealt with him personally, I've heard nothing but good things about him and would trust his advice about the best amplification choices concerning the Sound Labs. Having lived with and loved ESLs for many years, I know that my first choice would be tube amplification (OTLs can be amazing with ESLs), but OTLs aren't necessarily for everyone. I also ran an all Spectral system at one time with ESLs, and when everything clicked, it was absolutely amazing. However, only the finest recordings (LPs) were truly enjoyable as average and poor recordings were often intolerable. Obviously, the best approach is to audition the speakers with the amplification that interests you and then decide. Good luck.