Advice Please On Possible Vandersteen Purchase

Hi all. I would really appreciate some help with this. I have a chance to pick up a pair of Model One's for just under 200 bucks. They would either replace Wharfedale EVO 30's or be inserted as extras in to my vintage system.  The vintage is powered by a Yamaha CA-1000 and the other rig is powered by a Cambridge Audio CA-X 60. Both these rigs are in a 1000 sq. Foot basement and are used for background yet serious listening while I work on hobbies. My Ca1000 has three sets of speaker terminals so They would be along side vintage Large Advents but alternated.

Is this something I can't pass up or is the collection bug gripping me?  I am also considering upgrading the Wharfedale 30 to the 85th Anniversary Lintons.  Opinions?

$200 for the pair is certainly a good deal!
I would grab them if in good working condition ........
if they are original Vandersteen 1 series they could be 30 years plus old that being said they are still a unique Boxless Phase and time-aligned design that may bring some joy into your music world.
Placing them a foot out from the wall with just a very small bit of toe-in.
Place speakers so that your listening area is in a triangle or 20 percent out of it. Put a deck of cards under the front of each speaker for a bit of tilt back and find some used Audioquest speaker wire type 4 or CV 4 and AQ cheap source interconnect Red River Put on your favorite music after 4 days of run-in, you will know what’s up enough if its time to source a pair of Bases that will step up the clarity to another level. As an experiment, you may want to remove the other pairs of speakers way out of that area as they will sponge off the clarity of the particular speakers you are trying to evaluate.
Johnny R Vandersteen dealer.

Thanks all. I'm setting up a date to go look at them and hopefully hear them too. Will report back.