Advice Please On Possible Vandersteen Purchase

Hi all. I would really appreciate some help with this. I have a chance to pick up a pair of Model One's for just under 200 bucks. They would either replace Wharfedale EVO 30's or be inserted as extras in to my vintage system.  The vintage is powered by a Yamaha CA-1000 and the other rig is powered by a Cambridge Audio CA-X 60. Both these rigs are in a 1000 sq. Foot basement and are used for background yet serious listening while I work on hobbies. My Ca1000 has three sets of speaker terminals so They would be along side vintage Large Advents but alternated.

Is this something I can't pass up or is the collection bug gripping me?  I am also considering upgrading the Wharfedale 30 to the 85th Anniversary Lintons.  Opinions?

Vandersteen's work best for a seated listener at least 8' away. You might still prefer them to others at different listening positions, but that where they really come together. IMHO, though not terribly picky about ancillaries, the lower models can be a bit room fussy.
Unsound, thanks for responding. I do sit at a table facing the Cambridge/Wharfedale set up. The vintage gear is behind me on the opposite wall. I'm around 7-8 fret away from the former and maybe 12 feet from the vintage set up. I may also add that stands are not available in the deal, he doesn't have them.  Wondering if 1500 for new Wharfedales or much less for these Vandy's.  
The new Wharfedale evo 3’s for $1k are awesome!  Might be something to consider :)
There are a lot of options between <$200 - $1500.