Advice Please...H/K or NAD?

My first post here...I need some advice. Within the past year I purchased a Harman Kardon 3490 2 channel receiver. I am done with home theatre, and this H/K piece seemed to be reviewed very well in all forums. I have been using it with a pair of Klipsch KG 4.2 speakers and have been pleased with the set up. That was until I came upon a used NAD 2400 THX amp and a 1600 tuner/preamp, which sounds awesome as well, and I am at a stalemate. I know, the best advice is keep 'em both! But that is not an option, so which set up would you keep and why? Thanks!
Keep the one that sounds better to you.
Once owned an NAD 1700/2600A and these were nice pieces of equipment. In my experience, I've found that receivers will not as good as seperates. So, if you decide on the NAD's you'll have to look into another IC and you might catch the (nearly never-ending) audio upgrade fever. I'd say, Go for the NAD's. Cheers!
Keep the one that sounds better to you.

Mapman provded the only answer that matters.Why would you even consider anything else?
I agree, the one that sounds best. HK warranty is better and service is usually local.
I owned NAD and KG4's and they are a great match!

This is interesting to me since I have an HK 3490 and have thought about upgrading - possibly to a NAD, based solely on reviews. How does the HK sound compared to the NAD?

Hey Ryan, I'm finding very crisp highs on the H/K but lacking in mid range. Drums and vocals sound clearer on the NAD, but I am using the loudness button on with the NAD to bring in a fuller sound and better bass. They both sound good, just different. I cannot say one is better than the other from my ears. What do you think of your H/K?
Both are great sounding, but in the avr category NAD is a well regarded brand.
I've really enjoyed my 3490. I use it in my nearfield desktop setup, driving a pair of Era D4s. I got it because it had a build in DAC, great price, and good power. I've only had a chance to compare it to one other receiver - my Marantz SR5002. It is very similar sounding, but I feel the SR5002 has a slight edge in sound quality with slightly better separation in instruments and a little better presence overall, but very slight.