Advice Please: Decent shielding value cable

I was having problems with TV interference and ground loop until I upgraded from generic cables to some used Audioquest Topaz’s. I was impressed with there weight, thickness and very solid construction. They eliminated all the interference issues I had. However they do not sound all that thrilling. Any recommendation on similar STOUT interconnects that may have more of an open soundstage?
Try contacting Stu at audiopartsinc. His mas Gray silver cables are great for the $60 cost. Wonderful detail and a very reasonablwe price.
I like the Synergistic Research cables. The Alpha Sterling sound quite good especicially in the intro price range. Make sure to get the active shielding models with mini power couplers. The blackness of your system will increase dramatically as will the soundstage and dynamics. I believe there are some used ones listed under Synergistic.
The Topaz are indeed a bit closed in, using cheap dielectric. Try to find a nicely-shielded all-Teflon design.
Used Harm Tech Truthlink might be a winner for ya, for example.
i would suggest calling discovery. thet have a reasonably priced cable and are great to work with.

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