Novice guy here so be Nice.

I recently came across a brand new in a box Yamaha Rx-V861 that my brother purchased some time ago. He never got around to even opening the box and now its mine.  I purchased a pair of B&W tower speakers 600 series and I need advice on speaker cable and anything else that you feel I should add?  My original plan was a budget of $3000, I got the receiver for free and spent $1800.00 on the speakers.  Thoughts?  Used amp? Cd player?  What say you?


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You can still get the Chromecast Audios but they are more expensive now than before they were discontinued..not sure why Google did that!?
Great audio add on device.For sure get a pair of Subs.the brands mentioned above will do a fine job for you.I have/had the HSU and currently SVS[PC2000 x2].and +1 on an external amp since it has Preouts.