Advice please

I'm getting a lot hum in my speakers, I have monitor audio 9s biamped with a EAD powermaster 2000. help!
Lots of postes here with good suggestions. In essence, you need to find the hum. Start with nothing connected to the amp (except the speakers of course) and go from there. If you get a hum with the speakers connected and nothing else, it's power related.
Probably a ground loop issue. Check other threads here that talk about ground loop problems.

Yes..ground loop. Unplug attatched components until you find the culprit...then try cheater plugs to break ground to one of the components(possibly the one causing hum)..Try moving cables and wires'll solve it! Hang in there...
Use the 3 prong to 2 prong adaptors to eliminate the ground loop. If that doesn't work, try reversing them in the outlet. However, the best thing to do, especially with the quality equipment you have is to invest 100-300 on a line conditioner to properly eliminate the problem. You can pick up an adcom 515 for $100 all over the place.
It worked, thanks