Advice on wire transfer and shipping to APO

I responded to a "wanted" post. The buyer is German and has agreed to payment via wire transfer, but wants it shipped to a friend with an APO address. I think APO stands for American Post Office and assume that means the friend is in the US Military in Germany. AFAIK, once the money hits my account via bank wire, the funds cannot be reclaimed, so I would be protected, but want to hear from anyone about the safety of this kind of transaction.
Does this person have any feedback? Any good history? If not, I would not sell.
You cannot mail US goods to military, government, or contractors who have an APO in which that mailed product will be delivered to a local national, a German in this instance. It is against the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) due to taxation and use of NATO mailing services to avoid paying import and duty of products received from the US. The person who owns the APO could face stiff fines, penalties, and loss of a security clearance and job if they are held culpable for such an action.

Agree with Ciao the person is trying to avoid paying taxes.
So i also say skip it unless the person is willing to have it shipped to them directly.
I have sold to International buyers who have asked me to lie about the price to avoid custom fees, VAT, etc. When I explain to them that I would also have to lower the insured value, and they would only be able to recoup what the item is insured for, most say OK. Some however come up with another contact within the USA for me to ship to, usually a relative or friend. Then they'll have their contact ship it to their wishes.

I have never had an issue with a bank wire transfer as far as safety goes. However, bank fees have been going up pretty drastically. I think it's up to $40 to accept an incoming wire transfer now. Even more if the funds have to be transfered into USD.
Thanks for the advice, all. I'm mostly thinking about the safety of the wire transfer. I have to assume that the addressee is OK w it. My bank does not charge me for incoming wires and I have not been asked to insure or value the item for less than the sales price. The buyer knows that they are responsible for any local fees, etc (probably not an issue w the APO). I hate to be self-centered, but as long as the wire transfer is irrevocable and I ship via trackable, insured service, I can't see that I am at risk, but I wanted to make sure that there is not an "unknown unknown) lurking out there.
You should be safe Swampwalker. Any time money changes hands their is always a risk, even with cash (it could be counterfeit). Personally, I have never had, nor have I heard of, a wire transfer being recalled like Paypal.
Just make sure the funds clear into your account and you are golden.

BTW, were you planning on selling your VAC preamp anytime soon? I think it's time for you to upgrade. LOL!
Jmcgrogan2- I guess I need to update my system page; lots of changes. Pre-amp is now Doshi Alaap driving Hornings (I forget which one) via VAC 30/30. Got the Doshi before I got the VAC amp and while I love the Doshi, I kinda would have loved to hear how the full VAC system would sound (and it had that great full function remote!). Of well, so much equipment and so little time ;-)
I was looking at a Doshii Alaap II, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. A bit too far out of my price range, even used. I've heard great things about them though.
Um Elizabeth, Ciao, means goodbye in Italian, it's not the dude's name.
Jond - Elizabeth,


I lived in Europe off and on for around 30 years, mostly due to military obligations and private consulting working for Fortune 500 companies.

I am influenced by the European lifestyle and in part by my European heritage, Spanish and Italian, actually sicilian. I speak, read, and write German fluently, not a lick of Spanish or Italian.

Just settled back in the USA last year, after retiring from the military with 90% disability and getting used to the "American Way of Life".

That should be enough of an explanation as to why I use Ciao when signing off. I could also use Bis Spater, Tschüs, oder wiedersehen. I don't think many people speak German in this forum though.

Who is this person Ciao and why is he stalking Elizabeth? Can he be banned?
Ich habe die meisten der deutschen lernte ich in der Mitte bis Ende der siebziger Jahre.
Who is stalking who? I do not see any post in this thread that
remotely comes close to websters definition of "stalking". Surely you
have misconstrued the facts and dissulioned yourself
into thinking that someone is up to know good.

I used to be a postal inspector years ago. Perhaps
shoudl be banned for advocating someone
avoid paying taxes on imported goods, a felony
offense for an American citizen using services
under the Status of Forces Agreement with Germany.
Those who partake in such actions willfully are
also subject to the arm of the law. Believe me, big
brother is looking for exactly these type of transactions.

If you want to be part of this go ahead. I'm just
saying watch out and don't break the law, that is helpful
information. In terms of my relationship with
the US government customs office in Germany,
I could probably turn this into an investigative
mater right now and feel good doing as a red
blooded American.

Now it is chow time, as we say in the American
Thanks all for the advice. It all turns out to be moot because the funds never hit my bank account, even tho buyer sent me a jpg purporting to show completed wire transfer.

Jmcgrogan2- I'll keep you in mind if I ever decide to sell the Alaap, which was fully upgraded by Nick in 2012 ;-)

Audioquest4life- Chill out w some tunes, my friend. Chow.
Hi Swampwalker,

Thanks. I am the most easy going guy you could ever meet, trust me, think California surfer dude type, Spigoli from Fast Times at Ridgmemont High. I was merely imparting wisdom to prevent someone from getting into trouble, that is all. My intentions were all good, despite someone who miscontrued my information. Listening to music is always a good way to chill out.