Advice on using a laser for speaker positioning

Question for you that use lasers for measurement.

Did the laser help considerably? I use a string now and feel it's pretty close, but read and article/post where the laser uncovered some discrepancies in setup.

Just wondering if the investment is justified-

Thanks for your help,

I used a laser in setting up my speakers as well...Richard Vandersteen instructed me in its proper use. Here goes. First put your speakers on carpeting (fuz side down on wooden/tile floor, and waltz the speakers around the room to find its best resting spot. After the speakers are spiked in position raise/lower the fronts for desired sound, making sure both speakers have the same degree up/down. (now comes the laser). Put the penlight laser on the top of the speaker shinning forward. Do not point it to your listening position, but rather, slowly turn the laser left/right keeping the laser solid against the top of the speaker. Place a yellow "Post-it" behind your normal seated position. Using a marker, place a dot on the post-it right where the red laser dot hits the back wall. Do the same thing to the other speaker...chances are very good that the laser dot will be higher or lower than the marked dot on the post-it. Raise or lower one or the other speaker so that the laser dot superimposes on the dot on the wall. This may seem tedious, but well worth the effort.
I used to use a laser to position my speakers - it was great and it kind of trained me, so now after 15 years of maniac habit of getting things right, I can reinstall my speakers by touching them a couple times and be right on the money...
I use a laser to shoot minocs when they are chewing on my power cables.
Stringreen, I had a pair of Vandersteen 2 ce sigs, the laser would have saved me- I used the 'plum bob' method in the manual.

I'll check into that book, sgunther, thanks!

Jkalman, not sure what a minoc is, but the redhead can defend the species I suspect- so we may have to keep that between us.

laser on a good tripod - cant beat it.