Advice on upgrading phono stage

I'm looking to upgrade my Pass Labs Aleph Ono phono stage.The equipment I'm using is: Nottingham Spacedeck with Spacearm and Benz L2 cartridge,Audio Physics Virgo II speakers,Pass Labs Aleph P preamp,Pass Labs Aleph 2 monoblocks(100w-8ohms),and Cardas Golden Reference cables(balanced).I bought the Pass phono stage since it's balanced and seemed to match the system but I'm beginning to have my doubts.The Audio Physics speakers really pull a disappearing act with my Naim CD5/HiCap or my tuner but they fall short with the analog.Apparently the Aleph Ono has a forward sounding soundstage and this is going in the wrong direction for me.I'd really be looking for a balanced phono stage that is able to throw a deep and huge soundstage among other things but also able to match the rest of my equipment. Thanks again
The Pass Labs Xono model gets high marks from many people, and I assume it would be an improvement over the earlier Ono which you have.

The Aesthetix Rhea will certainly deliver what you are looking for if you're willing to consider a tube unit.
Your analog front end is identical to mine. I am using a K&K Audio phono stage with the Benz loaded @ 300 ohms. This preamp is the same as the Art Audio Vinyl Reference, which Kevin Carter of K&K helped design. Search the archives here and at AA for posts from many happy owners.
You are sick person wanting to "upgrade" one of the best presently available. If you have too much dough, buy records, buy art for your walls, get your significant other a gift, take your kids out to the museum. There is a whole world out there.
The Ono has balanced outputs but it is not truly balanced. It is single ended until the output stage and then an inverted signal is created to provide a balanced output.

I've had both an Ono and X-ono amd the X is definitely more "in your face" than your unit.

The question you pose is impossible to answer unless you state your budget. Phono stages are available up to $30,000 or more.
I've had both the XOno and the K&K as mentioned by Ozzy in my system - with a Spacedeck/Spacearm/Benz Ref2, among other cartridges. No real contest. The K&K is better - more liquid and at the same time spacious. Better top to bottom. Plus, it will cost you a lot less.
Sorry, simply misread here and thought you were wanting to dump the Pass X Ono. Ooops!