Advice on upgraded system

As a person who has been out of hi-end for more years than I'd like to remember I'd like to ask some advice. My system : (not all received yet) Pass X-250, Pass X2 pre-amp, Levinson 360s DAC, No. 37 transport, B&W 802III and audioquest forest bi-wired. Interconnects will be audioquest diamond and lapis. My questions are (i) since the AQ diamond is a higher grade interconnect than the lapis, should I use it between the DAC and X2 or between the X2 and X-250 and (ii) since I live in central fl without any quality audio dealers I've had to put this system together through just accumulating knowledge at web sites, such as this quality site. Does the combination of components sound "right" to the experts out there? I'm really at a disadvantage w/o able to hear the units together for lack resources here in fl. I guess I'm just looking for validation of the set-up. Any and all comments and insights will be appreciated. I'm really looking forward to actually putting it altogether in the next week or so. Thanks in advance.
Source to pre should allways get better interconnect.The system sounds fine.You will enjoy it.
STVR, system sounds great(i have the x350) when funds or time permits you should run diamond thruoghout, you well notice the difference.You may put it togeather nedxt week but you well be voicing it for the next 6 months, but thats what this hobby is all about.
good luck and happy voicing
Hi Stvr; I have Levinson's 37 transport and 360S DAC, but of course not the rest of your system. Looks to me like you could really have an excellent sounding system, but I agree with Steve above in that it will take awhile to break in and "voice" the system. I'd suggest paying particular attention to speaker placement and room acoustics. Also, if you don't already have it, I'd recommend Robert Harley's book "The Complete Guide to High End Audio" 2nd Ed., available at . Happy Listening. Craig.