Advice on Upgrade

Hello all, I am looking for some advice. Now that I have my headphone rig set I am looking to upgrade my two channel set up. I have Dynaudio Excite X12's powered by an HK 3490. My headphone rig is sourced by an Oppo 105 with power from a Bryston BHA-1, both of which can be used as a pre amp. I want to start the two channel upgrade by replacing the Harman which is just not that musical to me. Am I better off with just an amp or is an integrated a better choice? Any specific pieces you would recommend with a $2,000.00 budget. So far I am interested in the Marantz PM8004 and the Parasound Halo A23.
Sim Audio i5.3 is a great sounding integrated that I know sounds great with dynaudio as well the creek destiny sounds really good. I think you are better off with a 2 k integrated than 2k separates. Personally I don't think there are that many preamps or amps at 2k each that are that appealing. There are some really good integrated amps though. I feel like you have to be spending up around 10k to justify separates.
I agree an integrated makes more sense at this price point. When you say the HK isn't musical enough what do you mean? Is it thin sounding and overly detailed or maybe too warm and not detailed enough? If the former there's a Hegel H70 for sale here that would perhaps sound more full and natural. If the latter there's a Bryston B100 that might be worth exploring. The Sim is probably a good choice too and may reside somewhere in between these two. Parasound is making good stuff too as well as Marantz, although the latter probably skews a little to the warmly detailed for better or worse. I'm sure your speakers will let you hear the benefits of whatever you end up choosing. Best of luck.
I would describe the sound out of the HK as thin without having any body. I am looking for a rich yet detailed sound. My thought was that I would be better off, and get more for my money, with just an amp as the Oppo and the Bryston can be used as pre amps. I know it may be taboo but the tone controls on the Marantz piqué my interest though. I know I could try the Marantz from Crutchfield and return it if I don't like it, but I hate doing that. I find that it's no use to even go listen to gear at a dealer even if I could since all the ancillary gear and the room is not the same as mine. Decisions, decisions.
With your current selection of components, I also think a high quality integrated is your best move. Makes like Creek, Musical Fidelity or Arcam. Many can be found on the used market. Don't confuse these with mass consumer integrateds, these units have balls.
After that you can think about a loudspeaker upgrade and then later a poweramp using the integrated as a pre-amp. .