Advice on turntable rig

Im looking for advice on a turntable. My budget for a turntable is 2500-4000. I hardly ever see tonearmless rigs for sale. Some guy at Musicdirect raved about Avid and Mitchell rigs and didnt like the VPI. Ive always have been leaning towards VPI TNT but I would love to hear suggestions:

Ive already got: Graham 2.2 tonearm
Benz Ruby 2
XONO Phono preamp

Home built Nelsen Pass BOSOZ
Duntech Black Knight Speakers
Aleph 1.2 amps(sooon listening to a X5 now)

I recently upgraded from a HW-19 MK. II 1/2 to a "just about" Super Scoutmaster..... but kept my Well Tempered arm.If your interested I'm looking for $400-500 for the old table.
take a look at the Kuzma stabi line...great performer for the price.
I love Oracles, and there's one here on the 'gon:
Word on the street is that TW Acustic will soon be releasing a $3K table, this might be your last turntable if you can wait. The Graham arms are recommended for the TWs as the best match. Or...a used Verdier "Nouvelle" Platine? Hard to come by, though. People have good things to say about the Acoustic Signature tables also, and they're reasonably priced.
Graham arms have been known to work well with SOTA tables. You might be able to get a Nova in your price range.
I was in the same situation like you a year ago and after reading a lot of reviews and going through the threds aon Audiogon, here is what I ended up doing:
I bought a Music Hall MMF 5 turntable, a Marantz turntable, and a VPI scout turntable to listen to for myself and compare them. I liked the VPI scout the best because of the bass and sound stage that it produces, and I even like how it looks. I sold the others. I am now doing the same thing for phono cartridges: Ortofon 2M Black, Goldring 1042, and a Dynavector DV20H. So far I like the Ortofon the best because it sounds livilier, more bass, and tracks well. My second choice is the Dynavectoe. I think with the budget you have you could not go wrong in getting a VPI scout Master.