Advice on tube amp/pre

I have a pair of Proac D25's doing service with a Moon I-3. Hoping to move to a tube setup, possible with a tube pre via the moon for a while or else a tube integrated. Looking for phono support as the main immediate driver hence the possibility of a tube front end..
Has anyone experience with these specific Proac's and tube setup who could offer advice? I seem drawn to the Manley stingray however hoping to gain a broader perspective from some sampled combos..
I have Proac 1Sc's and tried a stingray but found it was undrowered and sounded alittle shrill.It's my opinion that modern proac's like alot of power.When I switched from a Audio research 150.2 to a 300.2 It made a world of difference. P.S I also have a new ARC LS26 and love it.

Greg Efner
Thanks for that, if it struggled with the 1sc's it may indeed be a challenge with the d25. I am very interested to pursue an ARC pre, it may be i do it in two steps ($$!) but hoping that the pre and moon amp are OK combo to live with for a while.
I'm sure it will be ok. If you want to go tubes and have the space,I'd highly recommend the Manley Snappers.
ARC in recent years hasn't put all that much effort into full-function tube preamps, prefering instead to sell the phono stage in a separate chassis. But if you are still looking for an ARC tube preamp, the SP14 I hear is great.

Unless you like your music loud and/or have a very large room, you shouldn't need a ton of power. However if it were me, I would want more power than the Stingray has for D25s. But you should check out this system and maybe email its owner to see what he says:

Thanks for the additional responses. That looks like an interesting Cary system. Thanks also the pointer on the Snappers. They may be in my price point.
You should be able to get a good used pair of snappers for under$3000. There's a stong market for them so you can try them and sell them if your not happy.

Check out the Pathos MKII integrated hybrid tube/ss.That is a beautiful piece of work.Upscale Audio has all the technical particulars.
Thanks, I like the inthegroove phono pre they have.
I am audiotioning both an ARC VT50 and Unisons Research S6 this weekend. If anyone has input on those, much appreciated!
The ARC SP-16 has an intagrated phono stage. The pre is quite lush sounding and, in my opinion, is most suiting if digital is your primary medium. I use the phono stage occasionally, but it isn't quite as good as most arc stand-alone phonos.
I sell and own ARC and ProAc. Stuart Tyler (ProAc's designer) has used Audio Research tube amplifiers for years.

The D25's get along very well with any of the tube preamps from the SP16 on up and also don't need very much power. I drive them with the VS55 all the time and get excellent results. At the other end of the price spectrum, I also love them with the REF3 & REF110 combination.
I ended up putting a small (30w/channel) tube integrated into my system with the D25's. It is an amazingly good sound, my first venture with tubes so I do not know how much better it can get (the unit is a Nelson image 66i using KT66's). I added a turntable and black box phono pre also. Where i am looking next is a higher end setup within the ARC range. Latest I may trade the sim audio as part of that move (though I really love that unit it is now just sitting somewhat idle within my HT setup while my tube interest takes over!).