Advice on tonearm/ cartridge matching

I have a Thorens 124 with SME 3009 arm.

My concern lies with the CAT SL-1 MK.III preamp that I'm using, as it's phono stage reportedly mates well with (my) Benz Micro Glider (0.9 mV output.) O the other hand, the Benz carteidge doesn't appear to suit the low mass SME 3009.

I also have a Monster Sigma Genesis 2000 MK.II cartridge.

Please advise as to which route I might try. Thanks all.

This is a monstrous URL to the info you are looking for.
Alternatively, below is the URL for the page I got it from. If you go to this page and scroll to the bottom, you will see a link for "thread from Google" in red print. That will take you there.
There is also some useful info on matching carts to the 3009 on that page that has the link too.