Advice on the best DAC to match with an Aurender N100

I've got an Aurender N100C with a Schiit Audio Gumby.  I just downloaded the latest Aurender software and the slight graininess I had has gotten more pronounced.  I'm thinking the Aurender and Gumby don't play well together. Any insights on good matches between the Aurender and another DAC?
I had an Aurender N100H and was using it with a Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSD SE dac.  It was a $2700 dac and the main reason I sold both pieces was because of the graininess.  My Sony HAPZ1ES at 2K totally out performed the above combination with no grit or grain.
Hi pg62,

I have a N100H and have been happy with the sound when paired with an Exogal Comet Plus and a Denafrips Terminator, both via USB. 

I also have found it sensitive to power cords.

The folks at Aurender mentioned the power cord issue.  I am using a Shunyata.  They said to try the stock cord and I did, but it did not improve the issue with the graininess.  As for price range, I suspect about $2,500-$3,000, looking at both new and used product.
Thanks for the recommendations.
I am not surprised that the stock power cord yielded no benefit. The folks at Aurender are not open to aftermarket cables and cords. The Verastarr Gold Statement power cord eliminates the last vestiges of hashiness and grain with my N100H FWIW. Call Mike Powell @ Verastarr if interested.

Love my N100H with EMM Labs DA2 Ref. Will probably upgrade to W20 next year but enjoying for now. No grain here and using an Audioquest NRG4 here