Advice on sub for DCM Time Windows

I have original DCM Time Windows with some DCM bookshelf speakers as rears and am looking for a subwoofer to fit with this setup. Need advice and recommendations.

Thanks for helping.
Vandersteen should be a great option. My first pair of
"hi-fi" speakers were Time Windows.
Have an opportunity to pick up a used B&W ASW 1000. Would this be a good match?
Yea BW makes great subs, go for it!
I have the DCM Time Window 7's w/a B&W ASW 750.
The Sub is a great compliment to the speakers it fills up the room and lows w/out overpowering anything, you feel the base, the house shakes, but everything else sounds great too.

I am driving the speakers w/a pair of Carver A500x amps in monoblock configuration