Advice on sub-$500.00 cd player.

Hey Guys, now that my son hooked me up with a PS3 for Christmas(for blu-ray primarily), I'm entertaining a dedicated cd player and moving my Yamaha universal player. I'd like to stay under $500.00 and am soliciting ideas and input. With a collection of 700+ cd's, I'll be playing the silver disks for sometime.
I should add, current speakers are Klipsch RF82 and my amp is Denon PMA 2000RIV integrated.Listening tastes are electric blues and classic rock with a smattering of jazz.
Look at a Music Hall CD25.2 or 24 used around 200-300 new $440
An excellent used Rotel RCD-1072. I have heard many pricier CDP's, and the Rotel is a sure fire winner at your price point.
Have a look at a used Rega Planet.
I would recommned NAD's whole line up of BEE cd players.
I picked the NAD C545BEE player for use in my main system (though not using its analog outs), but any of the Cambridge Audio players are worth consideration as well.
Hey, thanks for the timely responses guys. I am of course assuming a dedicated cd player will perform better than my Yamaha Universal.
You might be able to just buy a DAC and use the Yamaha if it has digital output. That will take you farther soundwise within your price range and provide options to run a music server off of a computer with it as well. With a computer based music server, you may find no need for the Yamaha as well.

I'd recommend a used mhdt Constantine DAC with USB connectivity or similar mhdt Paradisea tube DAC, depending on your taste.
NAD C515BEE $299.00 new,free shipping from several online sources.I used one while searching for a higher end product and it sounded just fine the few months I owned it.Rave reviews in all the mags if that means anything to you.I'm setting up a small system in my bedroom now and I sure wish I would have kept mine,oh well,live and learn.Good luck in your search.
Marantz cd5003 $350
The highest end NAD can be purchased for about that and is a great product. Excellent quality. I think it would blow away the Rotel. I've never liked thbe Camb Audio products' sound.

Music Hall sells one for 600 usd but I would think you'd like the NAD as much if not more.
CAL Audio Labs.
Thanks again for the ideas, I appreciate it.I like the idea of a music server but not of ripping 700+ cd's.Hmm.
It does has a "optical digital output". Is this what you are referring to?