Advice on Step-Up/Step-Down Transformers

Howdy gang,

I'm a bit inexperienced when it comes to power delivery. I've been living in Germany for the past year and have decided to make this home long term (finding a nice girl sealed the deal).

My house in the US sits unoccupied, and the hi-fi unused. While I am whiling to part with the house, the equipment is going to come to Germany.

Some of my equipment is switchable between 120 and 240, but not all. My plan at the moment is to invest in a high watt step-up/step-down transformer to power my 5000 series Monster power center. Then power all my components as I would via the power center.

The power center is rated at 15A/1800W max current. I was assuming that a 2000W transformer would be ample.

Anyone care to validate that thinking?
Any other suggestions?

I'm running a high end Denon (Japanese built w/ Burr-Brown DACS) in 3.1 with 2 Outlaw mono blocs for the fronts. TV and Blueray are the only other items drawing.

Veilen Dank!

2000W = 2KVA

You would be needing the Group 4 for 50Hz. Not pretty but effective. Some wiring required. I suggest a separate 1KVA for digital/TV. 52" plasma can suck 700 watts easily.

If you want to get adventurous...