advice on speakers to replace ML Monolith 3

Hi everybody

I have just sold my ML which I liked but had had them for 4 years and time for a change.

Speakers I am considering $4- 7 k range maybe a little more
MG 3.6 R - good reviews but I have seen comments on poor crossover parts and build quality
MG 20.1 - if I can get a good used pair - a bit large however
Soundlab M1 -M3 either used or new for the M3 - build quality?
I have seen a number of posts where thet have been sent back to be rebuilt after a couple of years - seems the panels are suspect to me
ML Odyssey and Prodigy... maybe the Odyssey is more manageable and gives 95% of the performance...?
Legacy Focus 20/20

I am leaning towards the MG 3.6 - and realize I need some stands - Mye seems to stand out and I also see there are some Cardas wiring options.

I did like the Monoliths once they had broken in and got the position right. Fabulous mid and top.. bass pretty good also. So have a leaning towards electrostatic and ribbons

Listening mainly pop rock and blues - like the sound of the guitar - Knopfler Clapton etc also the female voice

My system consists of Krell KCT ;SACD And FBP300cx

any comments which can help me reduce the shortlist or even consider another is welcome.

thanks in advance for your help
Monolith 3s were one of the best speakers ML ever made, IMHO, and they are better than MG3.6's. You would have to move up to big Soundlabs to get better electrostatic speakers or perhaps get a stacked pair of Quad ESLs to get a more coherent sound. But of course, YMMV.
I agree short of the Soundlabs, none of the speakers really compete with the Monolith III's except the 20.1's.
And that is more of a sideways move than an upgrade.

If you want a smaller speaker that is electrostatic etc... look at the Innersound speakers. Smaller footprint and very good when used with the active crossover.

Since Canadian Hifi is no longer an ATC dealer you can score some nice ATC's from them, which will be competitive with any of the speakers mentioned, a little different but just as well integrated and more dynamic.
VMPS RM30 or RM40. These are super bang-for-the-buck ribbon hybrids that are much more dynamic and amp-friendly than Maggie 3.6s. I believe they are also faster and more detailed.

My previous reference speaker was the InnerSound Eros Mk-II and the VMPS RM30s are more detailed, with better focus and a consideably larger sweet-spot. They sound very close to live music on a good number of my recordings, which is the highest compliment I can offer.

Like any worthy high-resolution speaker they will immediately reveal even the slightest tweaks or changes you make to your system. Yet they maintain their musicality as opposed to other designs that are hyper-analytical but not entirely natural sounding. I'm confident that if you try them you'll find they improve on the performance of the Monolith IIIs in a couple of important areas.

That said, it may take some careful component matching and tweaking to achieve the best results. After all, how long did it take you to optimize the Monolith IIIs? I'm not sure you can plunk any speaker down in a system that was tuned for a different model and expect instant Nirvana. At least it hasn't been my experience.
thank you gentlemen

you have confirmed what I suspected on the Monolith's - I preferred them versus the Prodigies when I bought them.

The VMPS RM40 look very interesting - thanks for bringing them up Plato. Do you have any of the options - like upgraded caps or active crossover, upgraded ribbon?

I am going to pursue these I think
thanks again
I would suggest Innersound electrostatics or sound labs (used) in that price range. Innersound may have some new eros mark 3.5 speakers left over otherwise I believe the new flagship is near $20,000. You might also consider a magnepan 3.6 (+/-) mods. Monoliths were very nice and I think better than some of the newer offerings of ML. It is a tough but not impossible act to follow.

I have the VMPS RM30 with the FST tweeters (standard on RM30). I have the carbon-fiber, mid-woofer upgrade and the Auricap upgrade, both of which are very worthwhile. Definitely get the FST tweeters if you get the RM40. They are the real deal.

Some folks like the RM40 because it goes a bit deeper into the low bass... Others like the RM30 because it images somewhat better due to the more narrow front baffle. I don't think you can go wrong either way.