Advice on speakers for Rowland Corus/625

Now building a second system for use in Europe: smaller rooms (20"x20") and solid walls. Primarily opera and classical.
Have selected Rowland Corus/625 amplification with Weiss DAC 202 front-end.
Looking for advice on speakers given room size and (relative) lack of current of 625.
Concerned Wilson Sasha will not be driven well by Rowland. Sophia 3? Vienna Klimt Music, SF Amati Futura. I will be trying for auditions but fragmented distribution is not so easy there.
Constructive suggestions from the more experienced are welcomed!
Muzik is a 4 Ohms design with 91 dB efficiency. I have driven Die Muzik with Rowland 625 for several months with excellent results. There is no obvious lack of authority in Muzik driven by M625, even though M625 yields a theoretically moderate 300W and 20A peak current.


Disclaimer -- Reviewer
Thank you Guido.
Am I correct in thinking that 625 will struggle with the Sasha? My amateur understanding is that you need current to deal with low and difficult impedance.
PNCD, I use M625 on Vienna Die Muzik, which appear to have very similar ratings as Sasha: 91dB, 4 Ohms. The combination does not suffer from obvious lack of power. On the other hand, applying to the Sashas something with even greater torque may yield even greater authority. Guido

Have you ever tried Marten speakers? They are quite easy to drive and place.
As to me they have the most open and clear sound. Don't know how it will sound with JR but expect something magical. I will definitely find out in te near future......
Yes, I am interested in the Django.
I was not a fan of the original Coltrane nor the Getz. Django seems to have a different sound so a good alternative to Sophia 3?
If anyone is interested, PFO has just posted the first part of my review of Vienna Die Muzik at:

This first article is mostly a technical discussion of the speaker. When the 2nd part is ready, it will discuss my findings on Die Muzik driven by a few amps, including JRDG M625.

Best, G.
"preview the conclusion of the next installment, where I discuss my year long experience with The Music, driven by several amplifiers, including the new Jeff Rowland M725 class A/B monoblock."

Hi Guido,
When can we read your next installment? I am looking forward to it.

I have the VA KISS. Currently I am driving it with the Orpheus Laboratories "TWO" preamp and "THREE MONO" power amp. I do like how they sound but am am looking better amps to drive it.
Hamburger, my wild guess is that I will be able to complete the 2nd part of the Muzik review by the end of August. I have been waiting for the delivery of a pair of Rowland M725 monos.... These should be delivered very shortly. I expect them to address any residual niggling power issues for Die Muzik. After the amps have broken in, I will have sufficient data points to write the 2nd part of the Muzik review. G.
Hi Guidocorona,
What cables do you use in the evaluation?
Hi Hamburger, at this moment I am using a suite of wires from Aural Symphonics. Guido
At the bottom, Revel?

["07-12-12: 4425
In fact Mr. Rowland personally is involved with the assembly of each unit sold. How is this possible? I asked him about his personal involvement etc and time involved and his only regret was that he couldn't get his workload under ten hours a day. I was shocked assuming a declining two channel mkt but the high end Asian mkt keeps him cranking day and night. I have to say that calling cold and meeting Jeff makes me feel very good about his gear and that I own something special and enduring. Funny thing about audio companies if you've been around long enough as I have. A few want to mesh aesthetics and sound as exemplified by JRDG which entails lower margins and higher production costs while others present clearly more austere gear that purportedly "serves the music first" while providing more profit to themselves at the expense of the consumer. It's not hard to know who these companies are. Anyway not to be a cheerleader which is not my intention I got a glimpse of the best of American high end audio that was compelling. As a note to an inquiry Mr Rowland was using Revel Salon 2's in his demo room. The sound was breathtaking."]
VicDamone, I believe that the JRDG demo room features an Aeris DAC powered by the new supercapacitor-based DC external power supply; Aeris feeds a pair of M725 monoblocks; and these feed the aforementioned Revel Salon 2s. Conversely, I utilize a JRDG Criterion pre into the M725 monoblocks and these into Vienna Die Muzik. Guido
Guido, this is a quote from another thread.
Yes, I had read that original thread as well. I suspect that for M625, a Revel speaker a little smaller than Salon 2 might be better, just as the Vienna Kiss may be ideal, while in my experience, Vienna Die Music causes the M625 to "work for living".
Honestly, I wouldn't know. But I'm always very interested in knowing what designers are using aside from what they pair up with at audio shows.

The first time I heard a Rowland combination I'll never forget going home, sitting down in front of my hodgepodge of late seventies solid state crap and without turning it on, thinking, what's the point.

I did turn my system on and after just a brief moment of absolute confirmation, it was then I admitted to myself that I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, but I defiantly wanted in. RowlandÂ…very nice.

I'll drink to that VicDamone! I had a similar experience in 1998.... I had been looking for 3 years for a replacement for my Aragon 4004 amp..... Listened to a lot of gear at Toronto dealers, tubed and SS alike.... Nothing was working for me. One fine day, during a particularly unsatisfactory session at American Sound, I literally stumbled on 2 huge golden behemoths sitting on the floor. Asked Angie Lisi what on Earth those things were, and Angie told me they were a pair of Rowland 7Ms. I asked her to connect them, and I was head-over-heal in love! For the first time in those three questing years, I sank into the listening armchair, enveloped in what I felt emotionally was true music. Those Rowland 7Ms followed me down to Austin (TX), and faithfully remained with me for 10 years.