Advice on speaker pairing with my Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum using KT120 output tubes.

I am interest in spending between $3-$3.5K.  I listen to rock and jazz via vinyl (Music Hall mmf5.1 with a Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+) or digital streaming music library or Tidal via a W4S moded Sonos Connect thru a Schiit Audio Gungnir DAC.  My room is 17' x 24', but I listen close up - 10' from the speakers.  I have been considering Golden Ear Triton 2+ speakers.
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Look to the new Dali Opticon 6 with a sub if you need a lot more bass, they are remarkable and run rings around the Golden Ears, which tend to sound boomy with either a bright top end or a recessed one, I have listened to the Golden Ears on three occasions and never found them to sound right. 

I use a pair of JM LABS Micro Utopias to great results with my m120's. You can by a pair of Be's used below your budget.
These should fit the bill!
Give the bryston mini T speakers a chance they are an incredible three-way small footprint they do need stands but they will absolutely lock down your room
Harbeth C7ES3.   Perfection with the Rogue and some judicious small signal NOS tube upgrades.   
Thank you for the recommendations.  Some of them I know and some I don't.  Now I need to find a few local dealers for some critical listening.  
You'll hear 10,000 different opinions on this......

Here is mine:

That amplifier should drive most anything within reason......

For well under 2K you could do the Ryan Audio R610
For well under 3.5K you could do the Ryan Audio R620

I have owned Vandersteen as well as Revel and ended up with Magnepan 3.7s.  If I ever made a return to non planar loudspeakers, I would buy a pair of Ryans based on the two models I have heard....

Even through youtube, you can hear how musical they are:

I have a dealer friend who is bringing a pair of 610s for me to try in my study.......and I'll probably buy them and pair them with the Rogue Integrated that you own.....
Thanks Stewart.  I have read good things about the Ryans.  Only issue is finding a dealer nearby.
Based on these videos Ryans don't sound good to me, though they do have a certain musicality to them. No resolution dynamics or real bass. Just your average speakers, not bad.
I used to have Rogue Audio 180 magnum monoblocks with KT120s powering Maggie 3.6R's. One of the most complete sounds I've ever heard. 

I moved up to an ARC VS-110 which made the Maggies sing even better. 

So id recommend Maggie 3.7's. Or the Vandersteens. 

See?   Who needs a desler close by when you can tell everything about a speaker through youtube.....guess we may need a sound quality disclaimer if I post avshowrooms vids.....
Based on these videos Ryans don't sound good to me

I would recommend used harbeth SHL5
Triangles also work well with good tube power. 
My highly modded Maggies m3a sounded really good with my Rogue m120's.
Thanks again everyone.  Now I have to make time to listen to a lot of great gear and come away with what suits me best.
I've heard both Harbeth P3ESR and Focal 1008BE sound stunning on the Cronus Magnum.  I've heard the Ryan many times with other amps and it's always super smooth.  However, if you like resolution and transparency with amazing timbre without sacrificing the toneality my vote would be the Focal.  Cabling was Analysis Plus Oval 9.
Here's an Absolute Sound review of the then-new Magnepan 1.7s.

And here's an Absolute Sound review of the 1st gen. Rogue Cronus Magnum powering a pair of Magnepan 1.7s.

I'd think the higher-powered KT120s would sound that much better. You do have to changed theRogue Cronus Magnum's jumpers inside to get the 4-ohm output. I've been loving and enjoying my 1.7s for 3 years now. If I were to change the electronics, it would be to the Rogue Cronus Magnum with the KT120 output tubes.

There is so much those Maggies do right for a reasonable amount of money. Unless you're in a huge room, 120 wpc should be plenty.