Advice on Role Audio Enterprise please

I am looking for speakers for a second home.
A friend has bought these to my attention.
I can probably get to hear them but it is a 10 hour drive and will not be on my equipment.
In my current system I have JM-Reynaud Evolution 3 speakers. I am very happy with them - very well balanced, coherent, musical, even across all frequencies.
I like other speakers that have soft dome tweeters and carbon/paper woofers, with transmission lines (Rega Ela was the first speaker I really liked).
I will use my Cairn 4808A Integrated Amp (30 watts, first 10 in class A). The new room will be less than 200 sq. ft.
I listen only to acoustic music, 90% is female vocals.
I like class A amps.

Am I on the right track?
I'd appreciate any advice.

Thank you
I have owned NSM (which I believe is the parent company, or it could be the other way around) speakers and enjoyed them very much. They replaced Mission 70's and provided a deeper soundstage along with a richer, fuller sound. I believe that Role Audio speakers are designed with more refinement and aimed at the audiophile. On the couple of times I called NSM, the owner (I forget his name this morning) answered and was very helpful and pleasant. I don't know which speakers you're looking at, but my NSM's were a sealed box design and needed a shade more power to drive, but well worth it. I know this company seems to have been around a while (it started out in New York and is now in Carolina) and continues to be under the radar in the US but does a significant business in Europe. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Role Audio speakers (or NSM for that matter). Enjoy.