Advice on Revel Ultimate Studio2 Ex-Demo Purchase

Hi all! I’m hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of the group regarding a purchase I am contemplating. My local Revel dealer is offering his floor sample Studio 2’s. I believe they are roughly 5 years old at this point. I love these speakers and have been lusting after this line for 7 years - and they are marked down to 50% of MSRP. They look to be flawless cosmetically, however in my listening session at the store yesterday, I noticed a small amount of distortion / break up in the tweeter of one of the units. It was very apparent on solo piano recordings, less so on louder rock/pop. I pointed it out and the store owner immediately ordered a replacement tweeter due to arrive next week. So my question is thus - the speakers will come with a five year factory warranty - should I be concerned about the tweeter issue? Any suspicions the replacement tweeter will somehow negatively affect the speaker? Any general concerns given the scenario described? I am very close to pulling the trigger, but would value any guidance.
I would'nt worry about the tweeter as long as the replacement fixes the issue and you still get the 5yr warranty.
The bad tweeter could have been damaged from handling and moving even though it might not show any obvious signs of damage.

If you truly love the speakers it might pay to be patient and they might negotiate on the price further.

Best of luck,

If it was me, I wouldn't sweat it. 
Revel customer service is excellent, and even outside of warranty they are great to work with, plus their parts are reasonably priced.  My only suggestion would be that even at 50% off on the Studio 2's, you are scratching pretty close to what used Salon 2s trade for.  I'd at least give that some consideration...if you have room for the Salon's I think they'd be a significant upgrade to the Studio 2's.  
top quality speakers at 50% off - get them (or the Salons as per above)

now, why are they half off? maybe a new model is coming out, but if so, so what?  it would not be at half price and likely would not offer a huge SQ increase

so I'd do it quick before someone else does
Assuming the dealer paid 50% of MSRP to acquire the speakers, He/She then gets to depreciate the other 50% over the 5 years being used as demos. Also, the dealer should have replaced BOTH tweeters, not just one, just for YOUR piece of mind.
Thank you all for the helpful responses and thoughts. Interesting thought on the Salons versus the Studio. I have been thinking that through. Ultimately I find value in getting a five year factory warranty, so I think I'm moving forward. Will definitely see what I can do on price.  Perhaps I can get a discount on some new speaker cable.  And dweller, agreed on both tweeters.  For better or worse, these speakers just seduced me.  Hope to take delivery next week. Thanks again!!