Advice on pricing old Audio Research pieces


I'm looking for help with pricing for a Audio Research SP6 pre amp and a D52B power amp. They are both from 1979. Any ideas?
I'm not into spending $20 to find 2 prices...
Not to be cranky, but why do you think its OK for someone else to spend the $20?
Go search the Ebay archives of units sold! It's that easy!
I would be more interested first in there condition.If and when they went back ( if at all ) to be serviced.If not I would suggest split the cost to have then sent back to audio research to have then checked and brought up to date. Other than that no matter what brand,there could be issues if no service has been done since being manufacturred...
Just pay for the Blue book membership. It is always nice to place to start.
OK thanks for the comments- I see your point about the blue book- I don't anticipate using it much but you're right....
BLue book doesn't really reflect current market sales. EBAY has changed that dramtically. Condition is everything in vintage audio. Demand for any audio piece is an elusive concept. Factor in the blue book, ebay , audiogon and you'll get an idea for a asking price. Ultimately you accept a a price from a buyer you can live with- Good luck. Be patient
even if you dont use it alot, it is worth it when you do use it, the BB is how this site gets funded so we should support it
Last week a SP6A pre sold for $611 on epray. The Power amp is probably less valuable as it is SS. I paid $350 for a d100b a couple of year ago, yes it still works, if it were tube there is a collectors market but old solid state ARC never gets a ton of money, not like Mac or Krell. You can either do a lot of work or buy a blue book. How's that for a direct answer!!
Thanks everyone for the input- I'm fairly new at this and this is quite helpful.
BB may work for some people here, but I am with Lolo on this one - there's plenty to learn from what happens on A'gon alone .... and then ebay would be a worthy secondary choice. It all comes down to the condition and the time of year and this simply can not be reflected by prices in a book.