Advice on preamp choice

I have an Audiolab based system consisting of an Audiolab 8000CDM transport, 8000DAC, 8000S (Integrated running in preamp only mode), a pair of 8000P power amps, driving a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 12’s and a REL Q100E; additionally a DUAL CS505-4 turntable, and a Parasound P/PH100 phono preamp. All IC’s are Stealth FLR, and speaker cables are Stealth Premier(stereo pair/biamped), power cables, a combination of Stealth M7’s (transport and DAC), and Stealth HAC (Integrated, and power amps). Also using Monster HTS2000. I want to upgrade the system and am looking for recommendations as to next move. Would like to replace 8000S with preamp, I am considering an Audiolab 8000Q, and Classe CP35, 4x. I wish to retain levels of detail but would like a little warmer sound. Any other preamps I should be considering that will match my setup?. Will also be adding seperate speaker cables for HF (Stealth FLR silver?) for biwire/biamp. Thanks.
A couple of years ago I successfully replaced a tube preamp with a Classe DR-4, which I subsequently upgraded to a model Four. Recently, I compared the Audio Note M series to the Classe and decided to keep the Classe. I have never regretted buying the Classe. Unfortunately, I have not heard the CP35.
i recently had a similar desire - i replaced my linn kairn w/latest power supply, w/a rogue 99 w/magnum upgrade - really nice, but i sacrificed low-end detail & body. it wasn't acceptable, but to be fair there may have been an impedance mismatch - too many folks seem to like the rogue; i should listen to it in other systems, perhaps. anyways, i sold it & purchased a cary 98slp, which betters the rogue in all aspects, and the bass response is fine. i really like it, but i'm gonna a-b it w/a melos music director that i got at a good price - i heard the sha-gold a couple years ago, & was suitably impressed, so i think their top-line piece will be great. whichever one i like best, i will keep; then i will be done w/preamps (for a while!) oh yes, both the rogue & the cary *are* a lot warmer than the linn was... doug ps - get a 2nd sub - two are a requisite for proper sstereo soundstage, imho. (also, each one will be driven only half as hard for equal spl - yule get much less distortion!)
There re numerous CAT SL 1's on sale right now, from Mark I at $1200 through Mark II at $1900 (I believe) on to Mark III at as low as $2500. All may be too high for you; if so, I'd look for an Anthem Pre-1 or Pre-1L, and there are Audible Illusions Modulus 3's around too. I'd go for tubes myself, but that's taste, maybe you dont share mine.
Please listen to the Lamm ll2 lists for about 4300 BUT will be the last preamp you use Look up reviews they are accurate AND TRUE! Esquisite tonal balance instuments sound real Dont bother with the salesman hype of the overpriced name brands ( you know them well hi fi mafia) Bring your cd and listen. Designed by people who listen to music! You be the judge. Dont say i didnt give you advice Forwarned is for armed save your dough and get the goods to begin with Happy listening Mitch
BAT BAT BAT. I love my VK-30. Auditioned Ayre, Conrad Johnson, VK-3i, 5i, 30. User interface on BAT second to none. All others clunky. Then heard the 50SE - my oh my. Victor Khomenko is a gentleman and a truly gifted designer. Running with Aerial 10Ts, Cal Audio, BAT VK-200. Great combo. Liquid and smooth like nobody's business.